Back Pack Pickup

Backpack Pickup

Every child that registers to participate in Okotoks Lemonade Day will be given a free Lemonade Day backpack full of resources to help them achieve their goals. In each backpack you will find:

girls with backpacks

  • Entrepreneur Workbook: This fun and informative workbook includes easy-to-follow lessons to help you create, build, and run a successful business.
  • Mentor Guide: Following the lesson plan outlined in the Entrepreneur Workbooks, this Mentor Guide makes it easy for your parents/mentors to help make your Okotoks Lemonade Day a huge success!
  • Additional Information: What is Lemonade Day?, Getting your Business License, a Health and Food Safety Guide, a Checklist for Success!, tools to help you work through the lessons, and sponsorship information that may be helpful as you make Set a Goal, Make a Plan, and work your plan to Achieve your Dreams.


The Lemonade Day Backpacks will be available for pickup Thursday April 11th and Saturday April 22nd.

Hours and locations will be posted right here real soon!